Read manga: Dive

Genres: Drama ; Mystery ; Yaoi
Artists: Kano Shiuko
Status: completed_ok

from hp :Onizawa is a detective who recently got a divorce. One of his colleagues, Honda, is murdered in what seems to be linked to other detectives that have been murdered. Yashiro is another detective that Onizawa has taken an interest in, but also seems to have had a close relationship with Honda in some way. Because of how young he is though how did he know Honda and can Onizawa get closer to Yashiro who strongly dislikes him?3) Chuu Ken no SusumeShort story about a boy, his mixed half brother and a dog.4) Kotteru OtokoA dark story on a cheating man with a weird fetish.5) Gakuen TengokuA restless student tries to amuse himself by teasing his classmate.