Read manga: The Girl In The Diary Of Unrequited Love


A collection of six short stories centering around romance and family:1- Musume no Toshigoro no Musume2- Torikahebaya de Aimashou3- Genshoku Megane Danshi Hyouhon4- Machibito Kitari (New Year's Fortune: Waiting for the One)A chance meeting of two strangers at a train station on New Year’s Eve...5- Chichi to Musuko to Buridaikon (The Father, the Son and the Yellowtail Radish)Micha, formerly Hamada Mitsuru, is gay, in a loving relationship and living as a transvestite in Tokyo. Having kept this a secret from family what high jinx will follow when Micha's father turns up unannounced?6- Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo (The Girl in the Diary of Unrequited Love)Takashi accidentally found his father's diary and in it, it tells a story of his father's love for a girl with green flower hair pin. So who is this girl? What's Takashi going to do about it? Read it to find out the bittersweet story of an unrequited love.