Read manga: Stanle

Genres: Action ; Sci-fi
Artists: Chang Sheng
Status: ongoing
Updated at: Aug 25, 2019

According to old legends, the Stanle stone is said to contain the unlimited power of the universe... And the day when its power will be liberated fast approaches...Lila, an amnesic girl who holds the key to the secrets of Stanle, meets Lin, a boxing expert, and Aya, a girl who loves playing with guns. The three girls join forces to resist their pursuers and approach the heart of the legend...Simpler fan's synopsis - Charlie's Angel trio kind of but without Charlie in thongs and sexy outfit on a fantasy in a after-apocalyptic-world-like Hokuto no Ken instead of Mad Max, banded together one a journey to obtain the Stanle (nothing to do with Stan Lee) stone that it is said to hole unimaginable and fathomable power.