Read manga: Sugars (Yamamori Mika)


A collection of six short stories per volume that revolve around a chain of people.1. No one ever asks Kie out. She’s 18, so her high school life is ending soon! Her friend tells her to eat a piece of candy that works like a love potion. All the guys are into her now, even her good friend Shimon! But when she really falls for him, she worries that their love is a lie…2. Mami (Kie’s BFF) always gets asked out, but consistently turns everyone down. One day she’s approached by a Jack Johnson-loving underclassman who wants her to test out some sweets. Mami doesn’t like sweets, but she ends up falling for him. Unfortunately, he’s already got someone he likes…3. Tomomi is called in on the day before Christmas Eve to fill in for a volunteer that couldn’t come to school to help bake cakes. The only other volunteer there turns out to be the student council president, who is totally quiet and nerdy. The two end up having fun together, though…4. Maika is in love with her teacher. She even goes out of her way to be with him– she volunteers after school to pick weeds. She thought it’d be just her and the teacher, but another boy ends up volunteering as well. Maika confesses to her teacher, and he ends up quitting his job. The other volunteer tells Maika that he did it so he could be together with her…5. Hiro completely transformed himself when he entered high school. He’s so popular he’s called “Mr. Valentine”! When Valentine’s day comes around, the only thing he can think of is the one girl who gave him chocolate back when he was ugly in middle school…6. Ginjirou has a good friend, Akira, who always steals his thunder. It’s especially humiliating because Akira is actually a girl (but she looks like a gorgeous guy). Whenever a girl’s into Gin and they happen to meet Akira, they always end up falling for the latter. But when a guy asks Akira out, Gin gets a little jealous…