Read manga: Futsuriai Na Chocolate


A collection of stories:1-2) Futsuriai na Chocolate & Aimai na CandyLately, a guy has been coming around to talk a lot to straight-laced library employee, Fukagawa. Oosawa is the manager of some very popular nightclubs and lives in a completely different world from Fukagawa. But no matter how Fukagawa acts coldly, Oosawa doesn't lose hope and every time he's touched, contrary to his demeanor, his heart stirs...The bittersweet romance of an obstinate heart gently coming apart.3-4) Nakayoshi5-6) Yama no Mukou Sora no Mukou7-10) Moe Bara Special & Ore to Tora no MikkakanExtra) Shinya Konbini nite