Read manga: Koi O Kanaderu Kisetsu


Collection of short stories:1) CrescendoKazune, Yuzuru and Yanna loved the band "Crescent" and were inseperable. Then Yanna reveals she loves Yuzuru and Kazune cheers her on. Kazune discovers her family is moving away. And Yuzuru calls Kazune to ask if she'd like to go with him to a "Crescent" concert...2) Mousou ReijouNene has inhired a special gift to turn the "beautiful" scenes in her head into reality. Only the one she loves with all her heart can help her control it. One day she gets dropped in front of Tatsumis house, the boy she loves. He has to take care of her from now on...3) Kokoro PrismHaircut, makeup and contact lenses. The new me. Nahi uses her day off from cram school to go to the beach as a different person. Her classmates don't recognize her. Beach bums try to pick her up. She's saved by a mysterious boy named Yoh who says, "Don't I know you from somewhere...?"4) Link - Kimi no TenohiraMiyuu was devastated when she saw her boyfriend kiss another girl. When she slaps her hands against the mirror in her room, it changes scene and she's staring into the face of a strange boy...5) Synchronized NightLike the other girls in her class Remu relies on her dreams to predict her future. Her latest dream predicts success in love--and classmate Mamoru blurts out he had the same dream! In eerie succession his dreams match hers. But then her dreams have her pursued by a dark figure. Is it Mamoru? Does he have the same dream?