Read manga: Kimi Ni Utsuru Hoshi


A collection of short stories:1. Kimi ni Utsuru Hoshi2. Futari no Aida no Ao3. Yozora no Hate made4. Nanadome no Gomenne (The Seven Things I'm Sorry For)Stuttering, recluse Tooru believes he has seven things he's sorry for. His twin brother Satoru knows all but the seventh... the very one that may shatter their way of life.5. Koi no Awai no6. Afuretara Saigo (also included in Syrup! - Bitter)Segawa and Kousaka have been best friends forever. When Segawa tells Kousaka that he likes men, that doesn't stop them from being friends.... but perhaps it's because Kousaka actually loves him. But Segawa is stuck on a man he saw at a gay park...7. Extra