Read manga: Charao-Kun To Haraguro-Kun No Himitsu


The refreshing prince who’s actually a sadist VS the handsome playboy who’s actually a virgin that loves reading shoujo. Niina Keito, who always has girls surrounding him because of his showy looks, and Takizawa Ryou, an attractive prince with high morals, are secretly living together “under one roof.” Their other secret is that their true characters are actually “the exact opposite” of their appearance!! Niina, who’s in fact pure and a tsundere, is always teased by Takizawa, who’s in fact a wicked guy. Niina’s supposed to hate Takizawa’s existence to the core!! But Ryou suddenly kisses Keito, saying “You know, if it were me, I’d love you for who you are?!” A LOVE story of a bickering couple who can never be honest with themselves♥