Read manga: Fusoku No Renjou

Genres: Romance ; Slice of Life ; Yaoi
Artists: FUJIYAMA Hyouta
Status: ongoing
Latest chapter: Vol.3 Chapter 16
Updated at: Aug 25, 2019

Miyata, a gay editor, got dumped by his lover due to his lingering affection for a past love. When drowning his sorrows at Nichoume, Miyata unexpectedly came across Ikura, a work partner and the representative of a brand name leather company. Ikura, who's bi, invited Miyata to a drink but got a curt rejection. The next day, Miyata was worried about awkwardness at work, but on the contrary, Ikura seemed to like him and requested to go out with Miyata in private..?(A story about the senpai of Tozaki Keisuke from Junjou)