Read manga: Wild Rose (Haruko Kumota)


1-3) NobaraTake has been watching Kamita-san single-handedly take care of his young daughter Mone for quite a while now. When Kamita's wife finally shows her face at the shop only after Kamita has gone home, Take can't help but demand an explanation for why she'd abandon her family with such a great husband and daughter. But when Kamita's wife blurts out "because he told me he's gay!" it's definitely the last thing Take was expecting!4) Nobara Extra5) Mimi-kun no Boy no KisetsuMimi-kun works at a drag club and has long-planned on becoming a cute girl in the future – and his boy of choice is Kaoru-chan, the gay bartender from his workplace. However, during a chance make-out session at Mimi-kun's birthday party, Kaoru pushes him away and says "Sorry, I like you too - but I just can't do this with a girl." What is poor Mimi-kun to do?6) Mimi-kun no Heart no Earrings7) Lullaby of Birdland