Read manga: Sofure Buka!

Other name: ソフレ部下!
Genres: Comedy ; Romance ; Yaoi
Artists: Kakine
Status: ongoing

From Hoshikuzuu Scans Story 1) Sofure Buka! (4 chapters) "Please no more...Save me, Nakamuraaah...!" With the stress from work and his girlfriend, Seta's body, mind and spirit are all reaching their breaking point. Then along comes his subordinate--body pillow fanatic--Nakamura, who proposes that they become sleep buddies (friends who sleep next to each other). With his mental state stretched to its limits, he decides to try it; but seriously, with a guy?! Buuut...why does it feel so nice to be enveloped in the strong arms of his brash subordinate? Story 2) Bed wa Futatsu Irimasen. - Sequel to story 1 Story 3) First Bite (From Nakeru BL Anthology) Story 4) Katappashi kara Zenbu Ai Story 5) Yokuasa no Dekigoto - Sequel to story 4