Read manga: Happy Epicurean


From Bamboo GardenFive different- very different- stories.But all are tragedies with a twist at the end.Some may have cut-off endings;but there's a true philosophy at the end.First story- Two cuts of the devil(done by BGscans)About a mood-obsessed girl, a crazy count, the girl's servant- and a cup of chocolate tea.Second story- Mr Laurence's dilemma(done by BGscans)About a tax collector who goes to Scotland to collect the whiskey and Scotland's rebellious yet ingenuous way of protecting it. Or do they really not know?Third story- The sultan's dialiah(done by BGscans)An emperor has sacrificed a daughter for the sake of peace between his country Bizantin and the Sultan- the lord-'s country. He dies, but what of his daughter?Fourth story- Scary bread(done by BGscans)About a Christian that attempts to 'teach' the vikings. But as time grows the Christian grows weary, for she is doing something very wrong and she knows it.Fifth story- Happy Epicurean(working project)About a little boy who can otherwise be known as a carnivore...