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Harada's collection of stories presenting "negative" perspective on life. Includes:- Koukai no umi (後悔の海) (Regret of The Sea)"The three of us were always together. On the graduation day I had to reject his feelings. But without my knowledge this two guys..."- Suimenka (Behind The Closed Doors)Sweet yet tragic love triangle between childhood friends. Complement to Koukai no umi.- Pierce Hole (Piercings)This is a story between Mr. Usui, an 'ordinary businessman' and another ordinary man working at a massage parlor. However, unknown by the people around him, Mr. Usui actually has many piercings hidden behind his suit and when our protagonist at the massage parlor finds out about this he is quickly intrigued! But are these piercings simply for aesthetics or is there a deeper meaning behind them?- Restart (リスタート)New Age style BL- Watashitachi ha Byplayer (わたしたちはバイプレーヤー)(from MbE) There are love stories that you can’t say how they got so complicated. A three-way struggle with an ultra-popular woman, an ultra-popular man, and a guy with a plain face. The martial arts of love!BL from a Girls POV (also included in Joshi BL)Paired with Poji