Read manga: Seishun Survival


From Ochibichan.A collection of 4 short stories:1. Youth SurvivalSummer camping trips are supposed to be filled with joy and laughter, but why is Kiriko so unlucky~~? At first it was that weakling four eyes, Kazuo and cutesy Hana-chan destroying the pork soup, but then they never came back after asking them to go pick up some wild herbs! Of fine! So she and Satoru had went up the mountains to get them, but who knew they’d get lost too?!2. Liar Love LettersWhen Ritsu's boyfriend asks to break up, she complies - only to find that he's angry about it. To make her pay for dumping him so easily, he puts on a bet. Trick Ritsu into falling in love, and win a good amount of money. When she overhears this, Ritsu is determined to shoot down all the boys out to trick her. But what happens when she comes across someone whose lies capture her heart?3. Sword and Heart Dangerous RelationshipOogami Shizuru, is a girl with a average secret. She knows ninja techniques and carries a shinobi´s linage blood on her veins, within her ninja family. Because of it, she often solve easily every-day-problems. Something that always distract her, is Kotarou, her first love and childhood friend that used to train with when kids.Now, her family its being attacked´couse of an important item that THEY HAVE!. In order to protect her daughter and son while he´s gone, her father contracts a beautiful guy, that certainly.... resembles Kotaru!!What will she do?4. Never Dying Crow…! (Otokomae! Beads Club side story)