Read manga: Secret Kiss


Summary by Shoujo Kreuz:Wakaba attends the cram school where the popular Toudou-sensei works. The quiet but easily angered Wakaba is a weak person…and he suddenly confesses!Even though Wakaba thought she wasn’t being taken seriously, Sensei came to console the broken-hearted Wakaba.They decide on a ‘trial date’ to see if they’re compatible, but Sensei is popular and an adult. Wakaba is uneasy.From Rebellious Love:A cram school teacher and a cram school student. A university student and a high school student. A 19 year-old and a 15 year-old. It doesn't match at all! The words, "Let's go out" seems unspeakable to Wakaba. She's weak but she suddenly gets confessed to by her cram school teacher, Toudou-sensei. He's an adult and he's popular among the girls, so what's going to happen now?!