Read manga: Yaneura No Majo


From Dazzling Scans:A collection of interlinked oneshot stories, Yaneura no Majou tells the story of students from Sannosan High School as they are preparing for the Culture Festival.• LilithAsumi is responsible for writing the play that will be performed this year, but struggles to relate to her own characters—especially that of Lilith the Witch—until she reflects on her relationship between her childhood friend Asami.• Ground WoodpeckerMichi loves fortune telling, but when she helps her childhood friend Satoshi with his crush on fellow classmate Mikako by performing a magic trick, something seems strange. Her magic actually works! Satoshi begins to change and even gets the girl; however, Michi becomes obsessed with the bird that she saw while performing the trick... and she joins the bird watching club in order to find it again.• EveSuzuki Mie is the president of the bird watching club and is assigned to put the yearbook together with committee member and star of this year's play, Kawahara Hisaki—who plays Adam. After getting to know each other, Hisaki-kun discovers that Mie is dating a girl: also named Suzuki Mie, the girl who has been cast in the role of Eve in the play.• Lilith and VenusMikako has always envied her older sister's relationship with her boyfriend Motomu-kun. Thus, the beautiful Mikako begins dating Satoshi, who seems to possess similar qualities to Motomu. However, when she finds that they aren't so similar after all, she's faced with a crisis.• After Mary, It's Eve and PandoraRieko, after hearing that Asami is single, confesses to him even though she knows he just broke up with a girl he liked for a long time. After a series of events, she ends up opening the Pandora's Box that she received from her father when she was young. She believes this to be the cause of a series of disasters that happens, but ultimately she's left with...?