Read manga: Kiss To Kirai No Hantai


(Taken from Nakama)Are the two of us friends, or are we lovers? It not clear how he regards us. If I say " let's kiss", he'll kiss me. If I say "let's move in together", he'll smoothly accept. He'll indulge me, but he won't express a desire for anything in return. Just when we've moved in our new place, his little brother who loathes me appears. Because it's a good opportunity, he wants to keep tabs on us. If it come down to me or his family, he'll choose me.... Right?Contains a bunch of one-shots and than an extra of the main story:Ch 2: First Love ParadoxCh 3: Spring Won't ComeCh 4: The Bewildered SecretaryCh 5: The Boy Who Confined His Love