Read manga: Kiss To Karada


"I am unworhty to be happy. I've always waited for someone to punish me-"Rina works at a cafe. One day, she nearly gets assaulted by a man, but she is saved by a guy named Souma Shiba, one of the regular customers at the cafe and a motorcycle road racer. Souma has to pull out of the race due to his injury from saving Rina. This incident leads Rina to start living with Souma, but then -?!Story 2:"Who are we?- "Makato, Nahato, and Shuu are all connected by an incident that happened in the past. Makato is working is a detective working undercover to find a drug dealer in an all boys high school. Makato does not remember anything about her past and has a burn on her back, as Makato gets to know the "trader" she discovers he has a burn on his arm that is like a puzzel piece to Makato's burn, but he also doesn't have any recollection of his past either.