Read manga: Kohitsuji To Ookami


1) A Lamb and a Wolf:After his apartment was burnt down to ash, Koide Yuu got to stay in a high class mansion because of his wealthy friend’s help. However, the situation changed drastically when his friend’s brother, Oosawa Masakuni suddenly appeared at the mansion. And then the days Yuu became Masakuni’s guinea pig for his sex experiments (which he had no choice but to agree in order to pay for the rent and compensation for an antique vase he broke) began!2) The Focus of your Glance:On a rooftop, a young gloomy designer meets a guy that was in the same art class as him, while they were at college.3) Please Do Not Break my Arm:A banker is blackmailing his young boss to have a physical relationship after he discovered that his boss spent the night with a angry client in order to appease him.4) I want to marry You:When Kaoru's Boyfriend Shougo proposed to him, he thought that it was a bit weird, but then he met Shougo's family...5) Let's Enjoy Tonght Too:Inaba likes to watch the cute boys in their waiters uniform in his local pub but one of them especially draws his attention.6) Fall in Love so Deeply with You:Cute high school Story about first love. Asaso fell in love with Shinya from the other class, but does he stand a chance?