Read manga: Koi Ni Oboreru Houkago


1) Addicted to Love After School- When his student moves in next door a sensei begins to feel his work and personal life getting mixed up, especially when the paper thin walls let the sensei hear his student's solo nighttime activities.2) Addicted to Love After School 2 (Koi ni Oboreru Houkago) -One day, while alone in the student's apartment, the teacher finds a bag full of sex toys. Their relationshp becomes strained as the teacher keeps wondering when the student will be using them in their love-making.3) Waiting for Your Kiss After School- The drunken sensei accidentally injures his lover/student's private area and is forced into celibacy.4) Love of Beast (Kemono no Koi)- After his parent's death high school student Setsu is raised by his father's twin brother, Ryouichi. Even though Ryouichi is cold, Setsu can't help but cling to him.5) As Pushy as It Gets- Kazuki runs a convenience shop, and often has to ask his younger step-brother Ryouta to help out as a "pretend lover" for their female clients. Ryouta doesn't work for free however, and Kazuki must pay the price.6) While Your're Still Out of Uncontrol (Midareru Mama ni) - Ryouta is requested so often by lady clients he thinks nothing of it. But when a male customer wants to spend time with Kazuki, is Ryouta being cautious or unreasonably jealous?7) Wonderland in Bed- When Ryouta breaks an arm and leg Kazuki's work load doubles. Plus, Ryouta demands constant attention and care. Kazuki already spoils Ryouta, how much more can the sadistic younger brother want?8) Newborn Love- Kazuki plans a surprise birthday celebration for Ryouta, but why is this birthday so special?