Read manga: Kyouken Breeder


Series of oneshots1- Atelier- Art student Ritsu takes on Tagami, a teacher with a bad attitude.2- Mad Dog Breeder- Kusugawa want to discover what his coworker Oka means when he says he get "desperate" when he drinks.3- Longing for the Houseguest- Haruka and Jun are roommates and novelists. But after Jun's sloppy housekeeping makes Haruka injure his hands, guilty Jun needs to help Haruka any way he can.4)- White Snow, Black Wings- ex-prostitute Mizuki and mafia assassin Katsuhiko are on the run from their former bosses. But Katsuhiko is sick.5)Milk- A young man has a guy who wanders in and out of his life like a cat.6)Twilight Amusement Park- Sensei is dating his student, Yoshii, who wants to quit school and work in an amusement park. But Yoshii's family wants him to study abroad.7)Haruhi- His young patient dying of a mysterious illness, a doctor takes him on a trip to the sea.