Read manga: Limiter

Other name: リミッタ―
Genres: Action ; Drama ; Yaoi
Artists: MONDEN Akiko
Status: completed

[From Nakama]"I'll overwrite your memory."Detective Yagi of Section 1 is teaming up again with his secret love interest and junior colleague Detective Amemiya, after a long period of separation. Yagi finds out that Amemiya still wants revenge on the violent ciminal who harmed him three years ago. The feelings never stop in this love crisis between Detectives!"1 yen no Otoko" Sidestories"Houtou to burai ~ kakugo" and "Houtou to burai+"("Decadence and Delinquence: Resolution" and "Decadence and Delinquence+")Big Collaboration! based on Yuu Asagiri's Story"Chouhatsu no repo-writer" ("The Provocative Reportage Writer")