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• Pure Erotica -Heartbroken by her first love, senior high year 2 student, Rika develops a fear of romance. One day, she finds out her first love's weak point! From then on, she starts her revenge...• Ouji Romantica -Yaguchi Rinko is the neat and lovely princess of her school. Not! She has always been unsmart, non-ladylike, and a tomboy, which is why she's been dumped by all her previous boyfriends. All of a sudden, the prince of the school, Onozuka Shirou, appears and offers to "pretend" to go out with Princess Rinko...• My Girlfriend is Romeo -Shimizu Ryou, a girl, was transferred to a new school (due to her parents work) . Seiya was the prince of the school until she came. He loses to her at everything. One day, he saw her cute side and tells her she's cute. After that day, she hasn't been coming to school. Why?• Prince, Kiss and Sleeping Beauty -Shiya has a phobia of boys. What can she do, but ask the almighty “prince” of the school for help? The prince is shocked that this girl doesn’t like him, and decides to make her fall in love with him! But Shiya has a weird curse: everytime a boy touches her, she faints!- Chiri Star