Read manga: Love Romance Sweet Kiss


1-3) RomanceHandsome features, magnificent physique, the returning elite of America: Saeki, the bespectacled beauty of the Systems Department. While Kurahashi is the perpetrator of a crime! His pride is unforgivable. He has a ruthless attitude, so why does his hot gaze stir up Saeki's heart?4) Rainy Weather, 1pm in the AfternoonYoshizawa and Mori work in the same company but different departments, though they often meet up on the rooftop for breaks. Mori always gives Yoshizawa candy, but it isn't long before Yoshizawa is craving more than sweets from his ever cheery coworker...5) The First Civil ServantA history lesson from our favorite lawyers.6) Throbbing Kiss and LoveIndependent lawyer Oosawa is surprised to see that the new prosecutor is Suzuki, his old college classmate. Oosawa had forgotten kissing Suzuki in a drunken moment, but now he can't forget how sweetly Suzuki kissed him back.7) Children Can Never UnderstandFukaya is asked by a friend to help tutor intense student Kuroda. Fukaya is still brooding over his 6 month old break-up with his ex, but Kuroda is quickly getting under the older man's skin with his perceptive attention and lack of understanding about personal space.