Read manga: Lovers Come, Come!


Consists of a collection of oneshots.1) Selfish Naivety -Hirota is considered the nice guy around the office. Even Reiji thinks so, but he's still breaking up with Hirota. Reiji always has to initiate everything and Hirota just follows along. If Hirota loved him, he'd want to do something more than just kiss, right?2) Love Me, Love Me-Student Suzuhara is annoyed with friend Nishi for being too honest in turning down the girls who confess to him. But when Nishi confesses to him, can Suzuhara take him seriously?3 - 4) Welcome Deliveryman 1 & 2Hayashida likes pleasing the customers, but he is disconcerted by unconventional customer Minagawa who always asks him to break the rules. But when Minagawa starts sexually harassing him, is the customer still always right? Will his advances progress into something more?5) Summer Heart, Love Heart6) Sweet Home Rhapsody7) Sweet Home Rhapsody, After That