Read manga: Donuts Tsuushin


1) Honey Pie DebutTwo good friends know they have loved each other and become a couple. But being tired from accommodating one to another, they return to being good friends again...2) Melody MelodyTwo students who enjoy singing in the street: one student, a lyric writer, suffers from one-way love; the other student, a composer, comforts him and asks him to love him instead.3) Kirei KireiOur hero has longed for dormitory life, but his very beautiful roommate can't clean up his room...4) Water Drop SacramentoA mysterious student is rumored to have killed and buried a woman under a cherry tree. But our hero finds out he buries the hero's favorite things which he wrote about on graduation...5) Dizzy Boys Fruits MilkA students love triangle around the son of a public bathhouse owner.6) Donut LetterWatching video, two boys feel sexual desire. On the next day, one student puts the blame on another and makes him misunderstand.