Read manga: Gokujou Koibana: Perfect Love Stories Best 5


An anthology of sweet love stories from various renowned mangakas. Each chapter is a separate oneshot.Chapter 1 - Moral Hazard - by Doumoto NaoHaruka and Sougo have been going out in a steady relationship. Without warning, one day Sougo tells Haruka that the two should break up. Poor Haruka-chan is left lost and confused, and even worse, she can't stop loving Sougo. She is determined to get him back, even if that means using her sexual charms to confess to him one more time. Haruka will do it, no matter what it takes! [summary by mizuki ashiya]Others soon to come (order unknown):Real Love - Miyasaka KahoKinkyori Lovers - Yamada KomomoSecret - Osakabe Mashin1 min, kiss - Kaori