Read manga: Only You (Fujiomi Karen)


Only You is divided into two parts: the first one is "Loving You" (released first under this name) and the second one is "Only You."Do not confuse it with Only You (TOHJOH Asami) or with Only You (shoujo) by SUETSUGU Yuki.There are three stories:Only you - Kikuhara is a narcisistic guy who loves only himself, Kawai is a playboy surrounded by girls who still hasn't understood what is it to love someone; how can they understand each other? Is there a chance?The chances in the eyes - Takei is annoyed by the bunch of girls who come to him everyday so he tries to escape saying he is currently dating Saori, a guy. In order to make it works he asks Saori to pretend to be his lover for a month saying there won't be any problems after since he knows Saori hates him.Sweet sweet rain - A guy believes to bring good weather everywhere he goes and thinks his crush wants him by his side because of that. Is it really true?