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Collection of One Shots:Chapter 1-2: Music of the Blue Sky (side story) ~ Pgs. 10-43Chapter 3: Visit In The Snow ~ Pgs. 44-51Chapter 4: Yamabuki's Tulip ~ Pgs. 52-59Chapter 4: Raider ~Black~ (Pgs. 8-31)Chapter 5: Raider ~Red~ (Pgs. 32-87)Continuation to "Raider ~Black~"Chapter 6:Wind Chime ~ Pgs. 59-66Chapter 7-8: The King and The Potion ~ Pgs. 67-115On Emperor Shion’s first venture to the red-light district, he encountered a caged male prostitute named Moegi ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Shion was immediately smitten by Moegi and paid off his contract. However, could this seemly incidental rescue turn out to be a conspiracy…?(From Fantasyshrine)Chapter 9: The King and The Aphrodisaic ~ Pgs: 116-122Continuation to "The King and The Potion"Afterword