Read manga: Kiss Kara Hajimeyou


Collection of 5 short stories:• Kiss kara Hajime You (It Begins from a Kiss) -Misuzu tells her teasing former classmates that she is not a virgin. That might be slightly (okay, totally) not true. And her old crush, Narushima overheard!• Nemurenai Yoru no Yume (Dreams of the Sleepless Nights) -Yukimasu and Izumi decided to live together but their apartment is too small to fit in with all Izumi's stuffs especially Izumi's big teddy bear. But Izumi couldn't sleep without hugging her big teddy bear. Yukimasu tried to convenience Izumi instead of hugging teddy bear why not hug him. Would that work for Izumi?This is volume 2 of the NAGAE Tomomi Pure Heart 3 volume series. The other two are:1: Hitomi de Watashi wo Tsukamaete3: Watashi no Oujisama