Read manga: Tulip No Hoshi


Shingo is engaged and his fiance want to meet his parents, but Shingo is reluctant because of a family secret. His mother is in reality his father, he had a sex-change surgery and later married a man, that now is Shingo stepfather. Also Shingo parents own a transvestite bar, his mother being one of the star, the other being all transvestites, one of then having a love interest in Shingo, that is trying to hide that part of his life to his fiance and office coworkers. Shingo also have other secret, he have phimosis, and need to have a circumcision to correct the problem before to marry his fiance. Knowing of this problem one of the transvestites recommend him a doctor that do works for them, and is very discrete. When he goes to the surgeon, the transvestites disguise him as a woman, so he can leave the bar being unnoticed and go to the clinic for the circumcision. The doctor screws it up and thinks Shingo have asked for a sex-change. Seems circumcision is an euphemism for sex-change in the transvestite slag. The surgery is irreversible and Shingo have to start a new life as a woman, working as a OL, and having a lesbian relationship with his fiance.