Read manga: Sensei No Jijou

Genres: Yaoi
Artists: MATSUMOTO Temari
Status: ongoing
Updated at: Aug 25, 2019

1) The Cause of my Teacher (Sensei no Jijou)A student who is fond of eye glasses tells his tender teacher of his feeling. The teacher kisses him but he is a little unsatisfied because the teacher takes the eye glasses off when they kiss2) At the Guidance RoomThe hero, a strange student, loves a teacher, a blunder that students make light of. Bad students try to annoy the teacher by using a porn video but the teacher thinks the hero brought it3) A Person, Held CaptiveThe hero enters the company with his friend whom he has loved since his childhood. Knowing their supervisor aims at his friend, hero finally tie the friend up after an alcoholic party4) The Reckelness of Youth (sequel to "Shinobu Kokoro wa").Hiiragi did not fully accept his orders, and acts separately from his chief, Asagi. He is thrown into jail5) I'm Sorry, Young Master!The son of a lord, who feels his guard and martial arts teacher took a sexual joke too far, challenges him at his own peril6) Child of the Palace in the SeaA scholar teacher of the Mountain palace country escorts back a spy boy of the Sea palace country (which dominates the Mountain palace country) who is bullied.The Cause of my Teacher (Sensei no Jijou) extra.