Read manga: Present (Ikuemi Ryou)


1) PresentThis follows the main character through three periods of her life -- ages 13, 18, and 21. Aki leads a normal life. She has friends, a family who cares about her, and a talent for writing. There's nothing seemingly wrong with her life, or herself for that matter. But when the the start of a new school year leads her to be in the same class as Yoshiko, a classmate a year older than her who still carried with her noticeable scars from the horrific burns she suffered from a fire, she begins to discover the best and worst in herself.2) The Whereabouts of the PrinceFor Haruka, Ami was a love at first sight. Everyone around him questions his tastes, calling her a plain Jane, but to him, it's as if she has a halo over her head. When he gets a friend to ask what her idea of the perfect guy is, she replies "someone prince-like." He takes this literally, and this sets him off on a journey to become the "Prince" of her dreams.3) There's Something I Want to Ask YouSae receives a phone call from Ayumu, a former classmate of hers. She finds it odd, because it had been years since they had seen each other, and back when they went to the same high school, she had never even spoken to her. When they bump into each other at their high school reunion, she finds that Ayumu has changed completely from her former high school self---with the help of some plastic surgery. With this chance meeting, they become fast friends, but there's something strange about Ayumu that she just can't put her finger on...