Read manga: Onibito No Matsuri


Shiho has always felt she was different. She's much stronger than the average human and she has a hard time controlling her emotions, specifically her anger, so she's always kept her distance from people. Right before she graduated middle school, she lost control of her emotions and went on a rampage, injuring students and teachers. The incident briefly made the news before an organization, the Sorcerers, stepped in and quickly covered up the incident. From them she learned about her ancestors, and that she is the descendent of demons, and the Sorcerers are there to keep demons in check. Since all demons have trouble controlling their emotions, they are all tasked with finding a scabbard, a person that can keep their emotions at ease and, if necessary, kill them if they lose control. If they are unable to find a scabbard, they will be killed by the Sorcerers. Will Shiho find her salvation?