Read manga: Kaihatsu Muramura Mode


[1] Ino has a weak point - his mole. Everytime his childhood friend Takaya touches it, he'll do anything Takaya asks. When one day someone else touches his mole... what will happen?[2] Continuation of the first story.[3] Masaki and Haru share a dorm room. What no one knows: They're actually a couple. After the stress from their exams is over, they think they can finally spend quality time together, but things keep getting in their way. And at night, the dorm is silent and they can't do 'it'. Right?[4] After mutually confessing their love for each other in high school, Junji and Misaki's relationship seems perfect. But after doing it for the first time, something changes for both of them. It seems they can never go back to the days without each other. 5 years later...[5] Jun is fed up with Chihaya treating him so preciously during sex, so he asks a friend for advice. A visit to a sex shop might just be the answer.[6] High school teacher Tanigawa, in an effort to help a student relieve some stress, suggests to him to just "jerk off". But Sano-kun doesn't know what that means! So he ends up teaching him...[7] Short story about Jun and Ry? who, before they come brothers through their parents' marriage become lovers.[8] Extra story to Muramura Mode. Takaya buys some sex toys...(Summary by Yocchan)