Read manga: Suki, Kirai Demo Suki


Stupid, poor and tease but I really love that guy…A compilation of six pure love awakening stories!!Isourou Otokowari – Anri YuukaA NEET (not in education, employment or training) stumbled in a poor cafetaria and has been living there ever since. Poor and good for nothing… but somehow, what is this feeling…?Number girl No.2 Sister – Sakurai MachikoA younger sister who learns by looking at her brother’s back. What if she happens to fall in love…?Yubikiri no Binetsu – Kitagawa YukaI started to fall in love with the dull and indifferent art teacher.Yasashikutte, Sugoku baka – Miyoshi MakiA king was broken hearted from a childhood friend, and came today to heal it to my public bath. (He doesn’t know what one feels!)Suiyoubi wa himitsu – Ootomo NanaThere’s a secret class on Wednesday nights, something one can’t say at all. A secret unfaithfulness… “A lesson on how to kiss…”I just love you – Ichinose RukaTo hide behind pure poems, it was a fun thing to do! But… What if there’s someone I love…?