Read manga: Tsumetai Otoko

Other name: 冷たい男 ; Cold Man
Genres: Yaoi
Artists: Fuyuno Jinko
Status: completed

Prequel - Dekiru Otoko[from Fantasy Shrine:]Like the Snow Queen from the same titled novel, Steve Nohgue is famously known within the elite business world for his looks and shrewd mind. Steve has always been used to having everything he wants, including his assistant, Moridono, who has pledged his loyalty to protect and to serve him. Until one day Moridono announced that he no longer wants to be by his side… Why did Moridono abruptly leave his side? Will Steve ever be successful in love as he is in business?! Adapted from the popular novel, this book also includes a short story of Sagishima x Hokuto from Dekiru Otoko.