Read manga: Wasurerarenai Yoru To Hikikaeni


Collection of oneshots1,2) Unforgettable Night (2 chapters)Kasuma, a high school student, meets his "idol", the president of Watase corporation...3) All I Want To Do Is Embrace YouSanjo Izumi, 14 years old, is the seemingly cool and composed heir of the Sanjo corporation...4) The Biker Who Couldn't StopYuusuke has a thing for motorbikes...5) Sweet ViolinSakimoto has problems with his noisy neighbour.6) The Night of the Siamese Fighting FishTraumatized years ago, Fujishiro is cold to his lover, a college professor.7) Getting Close to You With the Sound of My FluteTooru's family is known for its flute playing, but he's horrible at it. Then this horned guy shows up and kisses him...8) Bloodstained HandsAru is a young knight who despises killing. Setsuen is a brutal warrior whose bloodlust disgusts Aru, but he can't stop thinking about him.