Read manga: Gyakuten Saiban


Manga based on the hit videogame series by Capcom. Volume 1: Chapter 1 - Turnabout in the Wind: In a semi-ambiguous timeline, Phoenix has to defend his friend Larry once again in a murder trial. Chapter 2 - Turnabout Gallows (part 1) Phoenix is invited to the home of a rich computer company president, and asked to defend the man in court, accused of killing his employee. Chapter 3 - Turnabout Gallows (part 2) Phoenix continues to investigate at Mr. Komori's case, but the story takes a twist the appearance of the mysterious "Spider Man." Chapter 4 - Turnabout Gallows (part 3) Phoenix goes to court to defend his new client for the unexpected murder. And a familiar face is in the prosecutor's seat... Chapter 5 - Turnabout Gallows (part 3) The conclusion of Turnabout Gallows. (Turnabout Crossover isn't really a sidestory, but they're both about Phoenix Wright and I didn't know how else to connect them)