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From Miista Manga Fox: 12 year old, Momoki Asuka, first met his soon to be step brother, Momoki Yui. The brothers were closer than the average step brothers, until one fateful summers day, they both accidentally get locked in a cabinet together for one hour, at a abandoned warehouse, near their family vacation destination. However, after they finally escape, something life changing happened to 7 year old Yui in that cabinet. Yui began avoiding Asuka, by joining his school Tennis club. -10 Years Later- Life has changed for 17 year old Yui and 22 year old Asuka. Yui is a super tennis star, whilst Asuka is still depressed that his younger brother is ignoring him. As Asuka is still being avoided by Yui, the family decides to go to the same family vacation destination 10 years ago. Although, for the first time in 10 years, Yui chooses to join along with the family. At the same abandoned warehouse, Asuka gets stuck in a hole, until Yui purposely joins and gets stuck with him. Now that the two brothers are together, Yui reveals the secrets of what happened to him in the Cabinet 10 years ago, and how it had changed him. What will the brothers do, now that their secrets are revealed? Will they grow further apart or will they become closer? Yuzuha Ougi's story, Brother, recounted in a hypnotic, dreamy prose, brotherly love, encapsulates the perfect true love feeling of sexual tension and alienation. Sequel: Brother 2