Read manga: Suki De Shikatanai


From Attractive Fascinante:“You like me. So I’m holding you now.” Shiratsuka sensei held Isoyama after saying that. Holding each other without love, bodily contact without feelings… Even after sensei made Isoyama cry, the feeling Isoyama has just refused to back down. What does sensei really think of Isoyama?Momozono was heart broken when Isoyama expressed his love for sensei. When Kuwana stumbled into his life, Momo started to get confused. Why is he thinking about Kuwana all the time? Is he not that into Isoyama after all?After Momo moved out, Yone got a new roommate, Kei. The only problem is, he ran away from Kei three years ago. Did Kei follow him here?