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From LuffyNoTomo:Satou, Mitsuru is an otaku who designs female game characters. His latest female design just so happens to look like the live-in male house keeper named Ninomae, Nagisa. In order to see his character in the flesh, Mitsuru decides to have Nagisa as his new live-in house keeper!Ninomae, Nagisa is a young good looking guy. However, his cheeky appearance gives others the wrong impression. Even though his style is a bit flashy he's a sweet guy and the first person to realize this and not judge him based on his looks was Mitsuru. Therefore, Nagisa decides to make Mitsuru his lover--no matter what it takes. Even if that means turning from an angel into a beast!Mitsuru keeps rejecting Nagisa, but how can he resist someone who looks so much like his beloved angel like character he designed!