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From Liquid Passion:1-4) When Ryuu transfers to Hitomi's school, he leaves an immediate impression on him. Curious about rumours of a full-scale tattoo on Ryuu's back, Hitomi starts getting closer to him. Before long, the friendship and fascination Hitomi feels for Ryuu start developing into more, but before he has a chance to come to terms with his feelings, Hikaru appears on the scene.... and he has his eyes set on Hitomi.5-6) Now that Hikaru has become close friends with Hitomi and Ryuu, the group dynamics have changed. When Hikaru expresses his growing interest in Hitomi, will Ryuu admit his feelings or let Hitomi slip away...?7-8) Ryuu seems to have found comfort in other places as Hitomi and Hikaru Taira get further involved. Sexual frustrations finally find an outlet, though misdirected.9-11) In a startling series of events that lead up to Hydra's transfixing climax, hearts break, enemies resurface, and ties of friendship bind the trio in a complex web of struggle, sacrifice, and redemption.Rules series Timeline:1) Please (5 chapters)-- Kiss (MIYAMOTO Kano)-- Kiss After2) Skies **3) Hydra 1+2+3+4 (ch1-4)4) Hydra 3+4+5+6 (ch5-6)-- Hydra dj - Blue Film First (after Hydra ch8)-- Hydra dj - Heavenly (between Hydra ch9 and ch10-11)-- Hydra dj - The Days Before-- Real Thing-- Rules dj - Hello Again5) Lovers and Souls6) Fragile (MIYAMOTO Kano) **7) Vanity **8) Dreamers high **13) Rules volumes 1 & 214) If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind? **15) Rules volume 316) Rules dj - Song Birds **17) Another Day on The Planet **18) Rules dj - Double Trouble **19) Overload **** = doujinshialso the ones in ( -- ) are doujinshi's