Read manga: Omowaseburi Na Kimi No Tonari


From BL-League :Is it just my own delusion to think that you’re also in love with me?Through his friend’s introducing, the cheerful and friendly Nishino became roommate with Maki, his kouhai in university. Although living with unsociable Maki - who got the opposite character with him- makes him feel trouble all the time but after realizing Maki’s kindness and consideration, gradually he felt comfortable being with Maki. However, at that moment Maki told him “Because I like senpai so I can’t stay with you anymore”. He can’t respond to Maki’s feelings but he wants to be with him. Nishino flatly rejected Maki’s confession by saying “It’s just your delusion” and continued living with him but... Cohabiting life between cool kouhai and airhear senpai! Newly drawn compilation!