Read manga: Kimi No Tonari De Nemuritai


1a-c) Kazuki caught a cold from a guy, while on her way to her University Entrance exam. The day of the exam she got a fever, and so she cursed the guy that she had met. All she knows is that he took the same exam, and that his ID number was #400. Later she is at her apartment cleaning. As she dusts her sheets on the balcony, she notices a guy. But he looks familiar. Who could he be...2) Eternal HeartMari has tutoring with Suga-sensei in order to try and get in W University again, which her boyfriend is currently attending but it turns out he likes someone else?! Mari is now brokenhearted and runs to her sensei....3) A night with a moonHaruka likes her tennis senpai, but led to her heartbreak when she overheard him saying "it was a one night stand". Haruka then swims in the ocean to loose her thoughts, but a sudden wave came...before she knows it she is on shore, saved by some guy??