Read manga: Kiken Na Hokeni Counselor


1-4) Dangerous school counselorAfter accidentally kissing a male classmate in school, Ryou suffers as the students whisper and spread rumours about him. Feeling ostracised Ryou keeps to himself - only to wind up in the clutches of the schools counsellor. Will this relationship blossom? Can it last? And what would happen if someone found out?!From GOKI408 :4.5) When i think of you in the water.Kawai's in love with his friend Todou. But because they are in differente classe. He had to join the swimming club to be able to see Todou. But because of his habit to always look at todou during his practice, he keep being turning on seeing him in his swimsuit ! Now he can't even be in the same pool as him... will he quite ?5) Extra of Dangerouse school counselor.5.5) Short extra When i think of you in the water.