Read manga: Kiken Na Asobi

Other name: 危険な弄び ; Cherry Boy
Genres: Yaoi
Artists: Shiranagi Yurika
Status: ongoing

1) Sweet SpringTomoyuki was having a secret relationship with his boss until one day the boss decides to break up. Pretending to be happy about this matter, Tomoyuki meets the window washer Katsuhiko and accidentally breaks his arm. Then he decides to help Katsuhiko until he gets better.2) Cherry BoyAkira has a boyfriend, Yoshiki, but he doesn’t feel ready to take it further than kissing while Yoshiki has expressed the fact that he would like to take it to the next step. What will Akira decide?3) The DownfallMasami always feels aroused in kinky situations. One day, in a very crammed subway, a man presses himself against him while being erect and or course, this arouses Masami…4) Change of SeasonsThe Professor Asaoka becomes the obsession of an Hokkaido student, Koyanagi, who's visiting the campus... The young man doesn't hesitate to take the "lead" despite Asaoka's protests.