Read manga: Driver's Love


1) Driver Love StoryShouku is on a rickshaw ride with his girlfriend when the rickshaw driver suddenly carries him off! The driver is Tatsumi, a former classmate of Shouku's that he has always felt guilty towards for not helping him in a fight. Shouku offers to let Tatsumi beat him up as compensation, but why is he tying Shouku up and taking his clothes off?3) Passionate KissWhen a family tragedy brings Yuki home, he must reevaluate his feelings and his future with his lover, Gajin.4) KusariYuusuke is in love with his adopted brother, Kensuke. But then he hears Kensuke and his mother having sex...5) Last KissSalary man Eiji is in love with American soldier, Mark. He knows that Mark will leave him and return home one day, so he can't tell him his feelings.6) Sakura Blossoms For MeRokou and Suukou skip their graduation ceremony to fool around. Will this be their last time?7) The only one