Read manga: Kimi No Te Wa Boku No Mono


Collection of short stories:• Kimino Te wa Bokuno Mono (Your Hand Belongs to Me)When his student Kurahashi-kun falls from the sky and lands on Sugisaki-sensei, everyone at school thinks they tried to commit suicide together! Sugiaki is determined to find out why Kurahashi would jump off a roof, but this may be too much for the doctor to handle!• Ranai Sengen (Love Announcement)When his son gets married and moves out businessman Sakurai Yuusuke is very lonely. When he finds a starving kid in front of his house, he takes him in. But who is his new house-keeper really?• Kira Kira KisekiA play boy decides to make the younger brother of a very over protective older brother his next conquest. Things don't go exactly as he wants though, and he finds himself growing closer to the older brother.