Read manga: Sekai Wa Kimi No Te No Naka


A collection of one-shot yaoi stories1)The World in Your Hand- Natsuo Kanda's not sure who started the rumors about him being gay, but everyone at his office seems to be talking about it. His only consolation is the escort service he hires every month, and the night of pleasure that follows. This month is different, since his escort is newcomer Masachika. Despite being huge, the childish and puppy-like Chika is exactly what Natsuo needs, and even though it's a business relationship he finds himself growing more attached to the younger man...2)Our New Year's Event- Actor Keita Otoo has managed to get New Year's Eve off, and plans to spend the night making love to his super cool boyfriend Ryouhei Nemuro. Keita's been so busy lately, they've barely had time to see each other. But with a night of wine and romance planned, what could possibly go wrong?3)Gaka to Gakyou- Writer Aiji Hirakawa has trouble interacting with others, and so only has one friend, Takafumi Shibata, the son of very wealthy parents. While Aiji struggles, Shibata lives a relaxed life, something that annoys Aiji, even as he tries to suppress his feelings. But when he loses his temper and snaps at Shibata, the drunken Shibata pushes him down and...!4)My Feelings5)Beautiful Days